The Ghost Gas Haunting Your Home or Business: Radon

Okay, I know we are not writing a script for a scary movie here. Although, let’s be honest, the title above is not too far fetched. For those who actively read our blog at Environmental Doctor, you are probably well aware of the dangers of radon. As for our new readers, welcome… and let’s start with a recap. Radon is a dangerous, odorless and radioactive gas that is active in soil wherever uranium is decaying. Although radon is a normal process in our environment, it is definitely harmful for humans. The main problem is when radon gas gets trapped inside a dwelling. Are you an new Ohio homeowner or a building owner? Getting a radon test should be top priority for the health of you and your loved ones. And if applicable: for your employees, tenants, and pets.

Plan Ahead of Time with Radon Testing

Have you recently considered moving into a new home or apartment in Ohio? Plan ahead and call the Environmental Doctor to check the air quality in your home. From radon remediation, mitigation and detection, we have the best in midwest. Our services will have you sleeping at ease every night in your new home or property purchase. But maybe you’re not a building owner, nor a homeowner. Perhaps you rent your office or living space. You should definitely ask the owner or building manager for radon testing in apartments. Did you know that radon is behind 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year? Check more radon statistics and radon facts here, which we compiled with our extensive research and knowledge.

radon remediation

Environmental Doctor is a trusted service in the local community as we have serviced this area for 25 years and counting. Don’t hesitate and call us today, because your health depends on it. We look forward to hearing from you concerning radon remediation.