‘Tis the season to get Dayton HVAC Services…

The holiday spirit is definitely here… we can feel it! Dayton HVAC Services shouldn’t be put on hold during such a busy time of the year. Why? It’s even more important nowadays to keep your home clean and safe from potential holiday hazards. Moldy or dried out Christmas trees to clogged air ducts and poorly serviced filters, your home may be at risk this holiday season. It’s very important to keep the home safety checklist up to date in order to avoid these kinds of mishaps that could ruin a crafty holiday party. When was your heater last serviced? Is your tree placement too close to the fireplace? Are you chronically congested in your own home?

dayton hvac services

Dirty air ducts and the cold and flu season can unfortunately go hand in hand. Extremely dirty air ducts could be the culprit behind that common cold which just won’t go away. Allergies or sinus problems bothering you a bit extra this winter? Check your home air ducts! Another thing to keep an eye on is your home’s energy consumption… is it higher than usual for winter? If so, our professional team at Environmental Doctor are here to help you solve the problem. This could be due to a clogged air filter or air ducts. When your home filter is clogged, your heating system may take longer to properly heat your home and thus raise your energy costs. (This goes both ways for your AC as well.)

Watch out Dayton, heaters can also be the reason for your sinus congestion. Heating a home in the winter is lovely but it creates an extra dry environment. This can be especially hazardous for Christmas trees, so make sure they’re a few feet away from the fireplace or furnace. Consider getting a glass enclosure for the fireplace if your space is tight. Dayton heaters are great but safety first!

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