Radon Testing In Apartments Is Important For Tenants and Owners

Why is Radon Detection in Apartment Rentals So Critical to Your Family’s Health?

Radon kills thousands every year. It causes cancer. Only professionals can detect it. Radon Testing in Apartments is important.

Radon is the Silent Killer in Multi-Unit Dwellings

Radon is formed by the decay of the unstable natural element uranium. This process results in an odorless gas that is found in soil and rocks throughout the country. Here in our state, it’s a significant problem affecting about half of all buildings according to the the Ohio Department of Health. In fact, radon has become such a significant threat that the Federal Government’s HUD department has recently incorporated testing and radon mitigation into their programs. Apartment dwellers sometimes think it will not affect them, but according to the EPA all such buildings are at risk, especially on the second floor or below. Multifamily rental units should be checked for radioactive gas, not only to preserve the property value, but to ensure the safety of the tenants.

Getting Accurate Test Results Leads To Correct Solutions

Radon Testing In ApartmentsThe first step in keeping levels of radon low in your rental properties is, of course, testing. But why trust your results to less experienced organizations, when Environmental Doctor has conducted about 25000 radon tests? With over a quarter century experience providing the area with the best solutions in indoor air quality, we can bring you the accurate measurement you need. We are the source for quality radon testing in apartments in the Dayton area. Our specialists can also advise you of the mitigation options you need to resolve the problems and bring peace of mind to your tenants.

Although the chances are higher with multi-unit dwellings to obtain higher levels of radon, the E.P.A. does recommend for all homes to be tested. Regardless of the location or size of your home, new homeowners should request a radon test during the home inspection. If it turns out that the radon levels are higher than normal, the potential buyer can negotiate with the home seller to implement a radon mitigation system in order to bring down those radon levels. Radon testing in apartments or homes is one of our specialties, call us today with any questions you may have regarding radon inspections and mitigation system options.