Professional Radon Services Part of National Action Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency is leading the charge against radon exposure with a national action plan that they released in November of 2015. The plan can be found here:

It outlines key steps in how we collectively can combat the threat of the leading environmental cause of lung cancer.

• Build in radon risk reduction. Ideally, this will involve reducing the level of radon during the building phase of construction.
• Provide incentives and support for radon risk reduction. This will focus on making it more attractive and affordable for radon resistant construction, and perhaps provide subsidies to those seeking testing and risk reduction who cannot pay.
• Increase visibility. Naturally, drawing public attention to the dangers of radon exposure is a major part of combating it.
• Test and mitigate using professional services. The EPA promotes the employment of high-quality professional services in providing radon solutions.

As you can imagine, the trusted professionals of Environmental Doctor have been on the front lines of radon mitigation and testing for decades. The EPA has a plan, and we’re here to help enact it.