Mayor Sickened by Mold; Offices Relocated Pending Mold Removal

Politics can be a moldy business, sometimes quite literally. A Northeast Ohio mayor was hospitalized over the past summer after toxic mold spores were found in his office. His office has since been relocated pending the mold removal.

Niles Mayor Tom Scarnecchia was hospitalized Thursday after experiencing what doctors say was a sickness caused by mold.

Mold Caused by Rain Damage

Recent heavy rains have been suspected in contributing to the mold, causing damage to several areas, including the space just above the mayor’s desk.

“City Councilman Barry Steffey says the city has isolated areas where the mold has formed. He says the mold can’t be completely removed until the City Hall roof is repaired,” the AP reported.

Employees in both the mayor’s office and the auditor’s office have been moved until the mold has been removed and mold testing indicates the space is safe again.