Home Air Tester

Residential Air Testing Solutions For Real Families

Your home may contain volatile organic compounds that can cause damage to your property and may even trigger health risks. Untreated active mold growth, for example, can lead to costly repairs and perhaps even respiratory illnesses. Allergy symptoms that may be caused by indoor air quality problems include: runny nose, watery eyes, and sore throat. The air that you and your family breathe is critically important, and we provide affordable residential air check solutions to meet your individual needs. Don’t wait for more serious issues like infection and chronic fatigue, when we’re here to help!

The Right Equipment and the Right Staff

We’re not just going to sell you a home air tester kit and then leave you hanging. Our full-time staff at Environmental Doctor is qualified to find not only the best option for testing, but to meet any later mitigation and remediation needs. We offer affordable high quality products that improve air quality. Our qualified experts are able to make recommendations of optimal ways to monitor and test indoor air quality. We are experienced in identifying when equipment cleaning is needed and can suggest appropriate service intervals. As twenty five year veterans of the fight to improve the quality of indoor environments, we want to be your source for both testing and solutions!