Duct Cleaning Horror Stories Part Three

What is duct cleaning and do I need it every year? This is a common question posed by new homeowners or for those who have never thought about duct cleaning before. Duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of heating and cooling system components. This type of cleaning is not meant as a routine maintenance call, but when needed. There are many variables as to when this should be done and why.

Dirt and debris will build up over time depending on the size of your home and how old your building is, thus duct cleaning maintenance will vary. There are common air pollutants that may prevent a proper air cycle in your home. This is essential to the health of those residing inside the home, or for those who conduct business in a commercial office building. So what are common air pollutants? Common pollutants like pet dander, insects, dirt, and dust can clog up the ducts.

Although, horrible scenarios are possible.

Horror stories related to air ducts include finding dead animals, human waste, hidden drugs, or a family of rodents hibernating in the vents. When buying a new home, it is essential to check the air ducts for any possible leftover debris. Children have also been known to crawl into small spaces for fun and accidentally leaving food behind. Then, they forget about it. That food can be left sitting there for days, weeks, or months. Rotting food will start to mold and stink, but it may also attract pests and insects. This type of scenario will create a more significant problem long term.

If you think your home is not heating or cooling correctly, it may be time to conduct an air quality test, mold inspection or mold removal. Our trained and experienced professionals will get to the bottom of it. We also specialize in sump pumps, backup systems, crawl space liners, air cleaners, and more. We service the Dayton area, from Springfield to the East, Piqua to the North, and Eaton to the West. Environmental Doctor also goes up to Northern Cincinnati and the South. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (937) 433-5202 or (513) 361-0015.

Photo Kindly by Grayson Savio.