Ways Springtime Weather can hurt your Basement

Finally, the air is fresh outside and the sun rays feel nice and warm. Spring 2019 is here and that means less time indoors and more fun in the sun. Although we’re happy for the seasonal change, keep in mind that spring weather can damage our home. All that beautiful-fluffy-snow from winter has now turned into nasty brown ice. That brown ice will melt, or has already started to melt. From the meltdown, comes water. Lots and lots of water. This can cause floods, leaks and more unwanted water damage to your home or property.

Homeowners in Ohio, did you know that your home has a sump pump?

Dayton sump pump systems are fairly common and play a very important role. Like this video explains, a sump pump keeps your water system running smoothly. Have you considered adding a dayton sump pump battery backup?

Installation, Services and Sump Pump Battery

With an easy google search, you can find hundreds of videos on how to self install a sump pump. But we must warn you, this may be easier said than done. There are many potential dangers when installing a sump pump. First of all, there is electricity and water involved. Secondly, there can be hazardous matter and unknown bacteria in the water. These types of home installations should be left to the professionals. At Environmental Doctor in Ohio, we will assure you a proper installation done by trained and certified professionals. Dayton sump pump installation is just one of the many services we offer.

As we have mentioned in a previous post, the sump pump is located in your basement. Throughout the years, many homes accumulate dust, mold and “weird basement smells.” Mold could be the culprit to your sudden indoor allergies this Spring. Make sure you give us a call, we can always help with air quality testing and indoor mold removal as well.