Dayton Air Purification

How You Should Choose an Air Purification System in Dayton Ohio

Understand Good And Bad Air Quality

Good and bad air quality can be deceptive. Often when we think of pollution, we think about the air outside. The truth is that indoor air quality can be often times be even worse than outdoor air quality. The winter months are usually the worst because weatherizing and heating systems will block fresh air from coming in. That’s why allergies can be very irritating in the winter time and may require Air Purification.

Good air quality is important to our health. In addition to allergens, our lungs and eyes can also be irritated by air pollution. Even worse than that are the long term effects of pollution and the conditions that can be created from it: asthma, earaches and bronchitis.

Good Indoor Air Quality Is Possible

Air PurificationWith a Dayton air purification system you can combat all of the contaminants in the air. Air filters in particular are useful if you already have a condition like asthma or allergies. Air purifiers are useful all year round for preventing some seasonal allergies.

Air Purification Systems: The Two Main Types

The two main types of air purification systems in Ohio are HEPA and Ionic Systems. HEPA is the filter for you if you have allergies or asthma. HEPA simply uses a filter to keep the air cleaner. An Ionic system creates ozone which can be bad for people with asthma or a respiratory condition, because irritation in the lungs could occur. The HEPA system is best for getting allergens out of the air and the ionic system is good for removing odors.

Choosing An Air Purification System

With so many air purification systems in Dayton Ohio, you might be confused about what you should purchase. The most important question to ask is: what needs does the system need to fulfill for you? Does anyone in your household have a condition that an air purifier could help with? For respiratory illnesses, a HEPA system is a must. If there aren’t any health issues then you would be safe going with an ionic system for a general air purifier.

Stick With The Best Brands

The better well known brands tend to have more features, credibility, and better warranty terms. Looking for a long lasting system is worth it in the long run because replacement costs are high. Be wary of cheaper units with the promise of effective extra features because often times these units are not made with the quality to maintain this kind of effectiveness over the long run.

When you invest in a good air purifier in Dayton Ohio you will save more money over the long haul. A decent air filtration system can greatly improve the quality of the air that you breathe. Remember to consult with your medical doctor if you suffer from a medical condition or take prescription medication before you buy an air purifier in Dayton.

The Difference Between UV and HEPA Air Cleaners

The EPA warns that most homes are 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside air. There are 2 solutions: UV air cleaner or a HEPA air cleaner. A UV air cleaner is installed over your air conditioner’s coils to kill mold and other bacteria. Mold tends to grow on the coils because they are moist, which is then blown through the home by the conditioner. It can be especially helpful in areas like Oakwood that have humid summers. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. These filters are designed to clean very small particles. They are used by hospitals because they are efficiently clean. Most air purifiers have a HEPA filter. If you have serious pollution in a home, you might want to hire a professional for a thorough HEPA cleaning.

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