Easy Indoor Air Quality Test?

Since the Stay Safe Ohio order was imposed last Spring, many Southwest Ohio residents (Cincinnati, Dayton) have grown accustomed to staying at home for work or school. Depending on the county, city, or industry related to the field of work, some are still staying home for the majority of the time.

The time spent at home has brought up different scenarios for cooking, family game nights, streaming services, home decorating, and the like. The extra time at home has also paved the way for home improvement projects. This has more people wondering how they can improve their indoor air quality.

Is My Indoor Air at Home Making Me Sluggish and Tired?

This has become a more common problem for those working from home in recent times. There is definitely a link to fatigue and indoor air quality. An air quality test may be a good fit for your Cincinnati home or office. If you or your kids have been feeling irritable, have a cough, or sneezing that won’t go away no matter how much dusting and cleaning you do, it may sign a bigger problem.

If you’re wondering, “where is there indoor quality testing near me?” then look no further. Our experts at Environmental Doctor began their services back in 1989, working for doctors, realtors, schools, and municipalities. Since then, the services we offer have expanded to identify and solve indoor environmental concerns for the residents of Dayton, Ohio, and beyond.

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For the best indoor quality testing near me in the Ohio area, you can count on us to do the job right. We service all the surrounding Cincinnati/ Dayton areas, including Springfield, Piqua, Eaton, especially Butler and Warren counties in Ohio. Whether you have a radon or mold problem, need duct cleaning, or have any type of indoor air quality issues, call us for a free consultation on what we can do for you and your home or business.