Ways the Holidays can Disrupt your Home Air Quality

The chimney is going, the hot cocoa is pouring and the snow is gently touching the ground. The holiday season is officially here! Can you smell the pumpkin spiced apples, cinnamon tea and apple pie? Yes, we’re delighted by all the smells and gatherings with loved one this winter in Ohio. From Dayton to Centerville and Cincinnati, everywhere in between.

Some of the not so nice details during the holiday season is indoor and outdoor air quality. When the snow takes over our environment, our trees become dormant and the air quality decreases for months. We suggest purchasing some nice house plants that are great for oxygen emitting effects. But, what can we do to keep the house clear of pollutants?

A Holiday Gift: Home Air Test

Having a beautiful Christmas Tree is the norm for many families across America. Although, what happens to all the pine needles that fall off but don’t get vacuumed completely? Our specialists have found pine needles in duct work before, creating a stuffy air environment for months. These blocked entry ways can cause poor circulation and ultimately clog the vents over time. A mixture of smoke from candles and cooking, to solid and liquid particles suspended in the air may become hazardous. Anything from dust to droplets, soot and pollen can be hanging around the mistletoe. That mistletoe doesn’t seem to be too lonely now, does it? Kiss those nasty indoor air pollutants goodbye with a home air test.

You can trust our services and professionalism as we guarantee all work orders to be completed to your satisfaction. Need an air quality test in Cincinnati? You’re in luck as we recently expanded our services to Centerville and Cincinnati.

If you have an emergency house call this winter, we’re happy to help you keep the party going. Safe and smooth sailing, neighbors.