Avoid the Scam: Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen Challenges Air Duct Workers

Investigative reporter Chris Hansen may be well known for the show To Catch a Predator, but he recently investigated a trend  that’s been cropping up in cities like Dayton all around the country. Some disreputable HVAC companies advertise a $49.95 duct cleaning or similar service, but once they arrive on site to do the job, the price can suddenly sky rocket to hundreds or even over a thousand dollars. The company in the video promises a $49.95 service that ends up being $1064. Visit Dateline NBC to view the full video of Chris Hansen discussing this situation with the employees of one of these alleged companies.

Protect yourself from air duct scams by researching any HVAC company that you plan to do business with. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association has protocols in place to help advise HVAC companies of industry standards for air duct cleaning and restoration.

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